# Module White List

# Why module is unsupported?

There are two reasons:

  1. The module is only work under Taichi·Yang and you are using Taichi·Yin. Some modules such as Gravity Box, Greenify need to affect system process while Taichi·Yin can not do that, so the module is not supported, and it won't be supported forever.
  2. The module is not in the While List of Taichi.

# What is the white list, and why?

Module can take effect only if it is in the While List of Taichi.

Why? For safety.

Xposed styled framework gives the module high privilege and it is hard to be restricted by the standart Android Permission model. For example, the module can hook into system process and execute code as system user, you can not prevent the module from accessing network by disable the network permission of the module itself. The module can do everything with high privilege, including evil. In fact, there are already some cases in China.

So Taichi restricts the module by White List: Only the module that proves to be safe can work in Taichi.

In addition, the White List has another benefit: it can forbid the cracked module and protect the module developer.

# How to add the module to while list?

  1. Open admin.taichi.cool and register an account.
  2. Summit the module.
  3. Wait for the admin to audit it.
Last Updated: 2/11/2020, 4:41:55 PM